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Liquid Feed Supplement
Dixie Lix brand liquid supplement is highly palatible and  designed to  meet winter nutritional requirements of pastured cattle and to encourage consumption of dry, brittle, or nutritionally lacking forages. Average daily consumption is  3lbs/head, and supplies all the necessary vitamins and minerals, including A, D, E, selenium, and copper, essential to bovine health.  

Liquid Nitrogen and Chemical Spraying
We have a state of the art spraying truck with GPS for custom liquid fertilizer and chemical application.
Chemicals available include Grazon©, Remedy©, Liquid Nitrogen and others. 
Call today for a free estimate for your spraying needs.  

​Granular Fertilizer Spreading
We also have two modern spreader trucks with GPS for all your Fertilizer and Lime spreading needs.

Seed Cleaning
Oats, wheat, rye, barley, fescue, millet, sunflowers, corn, and more can be cleaned, treated, tested, bagged, tagged, and sold our store.  

Agricultural Lime 
Bagged or Bulk Lime as well as custom spreading is available.  Some of the benefits of lime application include:
• It corrects soil acidity, raising pH.
• It increases soil microbial activity, which speeds decay of organic matter and releases plant nutrients that may be tied up in the roots of the previous crop.
• It supplies calcium or magnesium.
• It increases availability of residual and applied phosphorus.
• It increases fixation of nitrogen by soil and plant organisms.
• It improves the physical properties of soil.

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