Here at B&G we offer a full service buying station for your excess pecans. We always pay fair market value, instantly in cash, for quality pecans of any variety. We accept seedlings, stuarts, papershells, you name it! At B&G, you'll be assisted by a friendly, knowledgeable staff member who can assist you in unloading your vehicle anytime during our extended business hours (M-F 8-5 and Sat 8-12) Remember, the market for pecans is volatile and prices change often. Call us at 706.548.4949 for an immediate quote. Some tips for pecan gathering to maximize your profitability:

1. When in doubt, throw it out. Pecans with extremely dark shells are most often no good inside. Pecans that feel light to you, or have worm holes, or have stubborn husk still attached are also usually bad. Collecting these with your good nuts can cause a decrease in the amont you're paid for the good material. 

2. Make sure your nuts are free from dirt, leaves, sticks, or bugs! Cleanliness is key to a good offer on your pecans.

3. Size matters! Sorting your nuts by approximate size or variety helps to make sure you get the most for your largest nuts. Blends (of seedlings and larger varieties) bring significantly less than if you take the time to sort them. Generally speaking, the bigger the better- although small Stuarts bring more than papershell varieties. 

Current Market Prices -- Please note these sometimes change hourly. If we are not in line with other pecan companies, LET US KNOW SO WE CAN ADJUST! We issue less docking penalties than any other company in the area and price competitively so you get more for your nuts! Prices are for 100% good quality nuts. Read the tips above to make sure you get as much as possible for your efforts! 

Help us put our brand new equipment to good use! Two pneumatic industrial-sized Quantz crackers and an 18" Meyer sheller combined with a high powered negative flow dust collection system creates the best quality cracking system. This means less work and less waste in significantly less time. With our machines, we are able to crack at 10x the speed of other facilities with a greater percentage of halves. To put it simply, it would take 20 of the other guys' machines to crack the same amount of pecans in the same amount of time! The mechanical machines used by other processors also create lots of waste, fines, dust, and particulates which affect the quality of the product you receive. We crack, shell, and clean 120 nuts per minute, or 7200 nuts per hour. Most of our customers enjoy watching their nuts being processed and prefer to wait on their orders, guarenteeing they receive THEIR nuts back every time. We can also accept drop-offs with same-day pickup! 

Large orders (500 lbs +) please call ahead so that we may serve you in a timely manner by reserving use of the crackers. 

Don't have a pecan tree but want locally grown, high quality, tasty pecans? No problem! We have whole in-shell pecans, cracked pecans, halves, and pieces sold for way less than you'd find at the grocery store or farmers market!

Pecan Pieces 
For our customers who prefer to do it themselves, we sell the easy-to-operate and durable manual cracker: 
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